Sunday, April 4, 2010


Nightmares was released on DVD August 24, 1999 and was directed by Joseph Sargent. Nightmares tells about 4 stories, much like films such as Creepshow and Tales From The Darkside: The Movie. As far as i know, this is the only DVD release this movie has gotten so far. Its definitely out of print and very rare! I haven't seen sellers selling this for under $50. And i have seen it going for as much as $200! So good luck snagging one of these! I also suggest trying to see this, its a very good set of scary tales!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Popcorn was released on DVD September 4, 2001. Directed by Alan Ormsby and Mark Herrier. And stars Jill Schoelen. Popcorn was released by Elite Entertainment and is out of print and VERY rare! I found one seller selling this used for as much as $200! And a couple of other sellers were selling this for $100 to $115. Other then that it seemed to average from $50 to $70. However much more used copies of it were averaging around $40. So if you have this already then great job and keep it protected! Otherwise, Happy Hunting!

Boggy Creek 2

Boggy Creek 2 was released on DVD August 9, 2005 By Elite Entertainment. Boggy Creek 2 has been released on DVD at least a couple of times that i know of. But the one you want is by Elite Entertainment. Boggy Creek 2 seems to be going for a steady $50 from what i have seen from sellers. So if you have this one already, CONGRATS! Otherwise, happy hunting!

Birth Rite

Birth Rite was directed by Devin Hamilton and released July 22, 2003. It stars Natalie Sutherland, Danny Wolske, Laura Nativo, Brinke Stevens and Larry Dirk. This DVD was released by Shadow Entertainment, its also out of print now. Not exactly sure whats so special about this film but its going for around $60 for brand new mint editions of the DVD. However you can get it much cheaper used. I have not yet found any sellers selling this used for any outrageous prices as of yet. But we have to remember that not everyone is aware of some DVDs values, which like i always say that is the perfect time to snag up a copy before they do go up. So Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dead Of Night

Dead of Night was directed by Simon Hunter. A British horror film. This was originally called Lighthouse. But when it was finally picked up by a U.S. distributor it was changed to Dead Of Night. Its been overlooked by many and very underrated. This was released on DVD May 30, 2000. Its out of print and definitely a collectible. The many prices i have seen sellers selling this are averaging $100. One i saw was $139. And also i came across a double feature DVD with Dead Of Night and Queen Of Spades both and a seller was selling that DVD for $350. Those are just some of the more expensive ones i found. If you look around you could probably get one for about $45 to $70 used. So good luck!

Bloody New Year

Bloody New Year an old 80's horror movie, was directed by Norman J. Warren. This was released on DVD October 5, 2004. The VHS of this film is just about as equally hard to find. This DVD is averaging about $80 bucks new on some sites. But you can get it for about $40 new on Amazon from other sellers. And $25 used. So happy hunting!

The House Of The Devil

The House Of The Devil was released on DVD February 2, 2010! It was directed by Ti West and stars Jocelin Donahue. Ti West gives us horror fans a taste of thee old horror days of the 70's and 80's with this flick! It was even released in a special limited edition DVD/VHS bundle! This DVD/VHS combo will be quite a collectors piece! Supposedly there are only 1000 of these bundles made and they are still currently being offered by Amazon! At the time of this posting. I have seen this being sold by sellers on other sites for almost $60 bucks and the highest i have seen so far someone trying to sell it for $99! So whether or not you liked the movie....if you ARE a collector i suggest picking this bundle up while they last. Right now Amazon is selling it for $31.49 and the price went up from $27.99. I got mine for the $27.99. So hurry while they are affordable!!!